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Staff: Annette Bennett LMT/owner

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  • Therapeutic Massage

    • Myofascial Release $85
      You will need to wear a bathing suit or underwear during this treatment.
    • Walking on a Cloud $125
      The ultimate combo. This package includes- a one hour massage + parifin dips for your hands + a half hour reflexology foot treatment + mini facial. You will feel like you are walking on a cloud when you are done with this treatment.
    • V.I.P. $60
      This is the membership with Annette Bennett, LMT
    • Deep/Clinical Massage $70
      This massage is great for pain management and/or muscular skeletal disfunction.
    • Raindrop Therapy $85
    • Pregnancy Massage $70
      Pregnancy Massage is with a special pillow that allows you to lie face down even with your baby belly!
    • Swedish/Relaxation $65
      Light tissue massage. If you have any issues or pain try upgrading to a deep/clinical massage.
    • Hour and Half Massage $90
      An hour just not enough then this is the massage for you.
    • Hot Stone Massage $85
      Warmed oiled stones used with flowing strokes to relax the whole body.
    • Half Hour Appointment $35
      We do them but you should do yourself a favor and get an hour!
    • Reflexology $35
      Applying pressure to the feet, hands, or even ears with specific techniques.
    • Chair Massage $15
      This massage is $1 per minute in our office.
  • The Little Extras to add to your massage

    • Ion Detox Foot Bath $30
      Ion Detox Foot Bath is a great tool for detoxing and energizing the body. It is a safe and fast working treatment without major side effects.  Toxins

      are often an underlying problem that can disturb the body's function and cause some health trouble. Toxins and waste that the body fails to neutralize and eliminate get back into the system. Some ailments can be released with the Detox Foot Spa and a general health improvement is achieved. 

      It is especially effective for detoxing heavy metals like Mercury. Heavy Metals counteract with some vitamins and hinder the body from absorbing and using them.

      The acid/alkaline balance in the body is another important factor in ones health. Excess acidity which is called acidosis weakens the body's function. It can cause an autotoxication in the body which means, the body is poisoning itself. The Ionic Foot Spa is said to balance the body's PH level that brings the body back into a healthy state.

      The Ionic Foot Spa neutralizes free radicals that can cause damage to the body cells. It stimulates the circulation and metabolism thus accelerating the body's natural detoxification. Stagnation and blockages are released which let you feeling more energetic.

    • Aroma Therapy $5
      Choose from an array of essential oils like Lavender, Headache Relief or Sweet Orange, just to name a few that will help lift your mind, body and spirit.  Click this button to add Aroma Therapy to your massage.
    • Parifin Wax Dips $5
      Lavander parifin Wax Dips help with arthritis pain or sore achy hands and also leave your hands or feet with a silky soft feeling.
    • Chakra Balancing $30
      Chakras are powerful enery centers coord'd with each endocrine gland.
    • Ear Candling $35
      A comfortable way to pull ear wax, infection or water out of your ears.
  • Pain Relief